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A complex and constantly evolving field 

This section is composed of several articles dealing with different issues of Migration Law, Employment Law, Social Insurance Law, and other areas related to Migration Law.

Migration Law is a constantly evolving field. It has become increasingly complex in recent years and numerous changes have been made.

The modifications tend to restrict the rights of foreigners, including their right of presence in Switzerland as well as their access to various benefits (e.g., unemployment benefits, social assistance, supplementary benefits, etc.).

There is no code of Migration Law. The field is composed of several texts : federal and cantonal laws, ordinances, directives, circulars, international treaties, national and international jurisprudence.

Moreover, we cannot consider Migration Law as a separate field, going it alone. Indeed, other fields such as Employment Law, Social Insurance Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, or International Law (International Protection of Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law) have concrete implications on Migration Law.


Additionally, and despite the existence of Federal Laws and International Agreements, the specificity of Switzerland means that each canton has its own room for maneuver. Thus, each canton has its own practice in Migration Law making it even more complex.

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